Table Plan Template Download

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DIY Bride

Congratulations! You’re wedding planning, all is great, you’ve done the best bit of wedding planning IMO (food tasting obvs) and now you’re getting to the nitty gritty… the table plan – eek!

Now, a headache for most; but I feel with the help of my trusty Maid of Honour and this template I quickly mocked up, it made it a breeze!

Lots of things to think about here:

  • Age
  • Common interests
  • Do you mix people up to mingle?
  • Do you alternate gender
  • Any kids tables
  • Which way do you want people to face – whether their backs are to you, they may have to turn around for the speeches
  • How far away they will be from you – nearest and dearest closest? Or the people who you rarely see closer

My template is based on having a top table with other guests on round tables and a key for who is sitting where. This is also a great way to show your venue if any guests have any allergies, intolerances or to mark any children if the food is different or if they need activities placed.

You’ve got this, good luck!

Download the table plan template:
Table Plan (.xlsx)
Table Plan (.numbers)